Hello, I'm Cat Turner

My journey in the extra-curricular activity realm started at a young age where I was introduced to many different activities. I was lucky enough to be involved in things such as ballet, figure skating, soccer, soft ball, ringette, and then eventually landed and stuck with hockey.

Why am I doing this?

Many upsides to sports and extracurricular activities come with physical activity, personal development and confidence building which have been very important to myself and family! These are some of the reasons that I am thrilled about being able to give back to the community and eventually nation wide.

Through my late teens developing in Southern Alberta I stayed involved in many local chapters of the hockey association. I was given the opportunity to join a skills camp lead by Wayne Gretzky, Jerome Iginla and Hailey Wickenhieser. Taking those passions and seeing their own philanthropic journey's it lead me to want to help develop our own ...

Thus the creation of STEP UP 4 KIDZ FOUNDATION!

My professional journey started throughout grade school and I was involved in various activities of local voluntarism with the food bank and school leadership programs. These acts of kindness led me passionately to creating my own 'Non-Profit' (Step Up 4 Kidz Foundation) aimed at helping younger families struggling, and homeless children get the warm clothing and support they needed through the winter months - all at age 12.

I started off my working career with managing restaurants for 5 years with a 1 year sprint in insurance when I had decided I wanted something more with my career. I went to Mount Royal and started a business degree, but changed my focus on getting Non-Profit Management Certified! This is how Step Up 4 Kidz Foundation came to life!This was crucial for the organization and I was keen to start to help local families have the same childhood I was able to have.

I want nothing more than to go National and help more families than ever!

"The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment" - Tony Robins

Please check out STEP UP 4 KIDZ FOUNDATION to see how they are helping and how you can help too!
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Thank you for all your past and future support!
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